BBC KS1 non-fiction writing

project BBC bitesize education program(2015)

format Animation. 5 x 30 seconds, 1 x 1 minutes

client BBC bitesize

platform Internet / Public Digiscreens

In 2015, BBC commissioned us to work on a  new project of Animations and digital assets for BBC Bitesize. It is targeted to 5-7 years old students to learn about non-fiction writing.
This project contained animated video, and many interactive game and flashcards.
This project will be promoted in the coming months in 2015.

• Videos available at the

Inspiration video 

inspiration02 inspiration03 inspiration01 inspiration04 inspiration06 inspiration05

Interactive video 

Panda land

Zoo entrancev2 Bird Park aquarium 2 Outro02 Label03 list02 Bob boy-design Bob boy gesture




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