BBC KS2 History online education program

BBC Learning: History is a quick-fire animated series of irreverently narrated documentaries aimed at 8-11 year olds. The films look at four different eras of History – the Ancient Greeks, the Ancient Romans, the Vikings and the Anglo-Saxons and also at ‘How to be a Historian’ – exploring the similarities between the roles of historians and detectives.
Executive Producer: Andy Glynne
Producer: Laurie Harris
Animation Director: Lilian Fu
Scriptwritter: Daniel England

BBC Learning | How to be a Historian from Mosaic Films on Vimeo.


BBC Learning | The Greek Theatre from Mosaic Films on Vimeo.






How can I be a Historian?
How did the Romans change Britain?
Animation at step 2
How did the ancient Greeks change the world?
Animation at step 2
What do we know about ancient Greek culture?
Animation at step 2
What was life like in Viking Britain?
Animation in step 5

What did the Anglo-Saxons believe?

Animation in step 3

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