First Light


First Light ProRes-vimeo from lifu on Vimeo.

2013  | 10 mins 27 seconds    |    2.35:1 |  Color  |  Dolby Digital 5.1|2D digital  animation

First Light from lifu on Vimeo.


Daniela lives in a city that’s always building, moving, climbing. 

 As a humble employee and resident of the city, she never knows where her house will be taken next but when she opens her door one evening to find her house gone,

she must follow a journey that leads to parts of the city she’s never known before. 
Her search will shed new light on the place she calls home; her view of the city will be changed forever.




-Official Selection – Edinburgh International Film festival 2013
-Official Selection – Anima Mundi Film festival 2013
-Official Selection – Anibar Animation Film festival 2013
-Official Selection – Animated Eden Film festival 2013
-Official Selection -Bradford Animation Festival 2013
-Official Selection -Asiana International Short Film Festival (AISFF)
-Official Selection -European Animated Film Festival BALKANIMA 2013
-Official Selection -PRIMANIMA World Festival of First Animations 2013
-Official Selection -Concurso Internacional de Cortometrajes CIC 2013
- Exhibition : Sydney Exhibition REDVOLUTION



Director:                                                                              Wing Yan Lilian, Fu

Producer:                                                                            Rob Darnell

Writers:                                                                                Akshay Singh

Wing Yan Lilian, Fu

Editor:                                                                                   John Murphy

Production Designer:                                                     Alexandra Toomey

Composer:                                                                          Alex Harwood

Sound Designer:                                                               Raoul Brand

VFX Supervisor, Online Editor & Colour Grader:                 Ruochen Wang

CGI Supervisor:                                                                                 Adam Arnot Drummond

Cinematographer:                                                           Richard Dunton

Production Manager:                                                     Georgia Orwell

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