Invisible Light 天間墨色

2012 |
Pixilation | Digital Composition |  06min47sec |

TV commissioned animation short
by Radio and Television Broadcast Hong Kong (RTHK)

invible light

A short music video about light pollution. A god of darkness visits the city and take away all the light.
The dark creatures came out from their hidden lands, celebrating and dancing for their time until the dawn.

This is my first attempt of combining live action and 2D animation. It took 1 week for shooting and 3 months for animation and compositing.

i tried several techniques in this video, tilt-shift effect and pixilation.

The other un part is the making of 3D face mask. I first asked my colleague to build a 3D model and then i import into a paper craft software called Pepakura. then cut everything out and make a real mask.  The effect was grand and bazar. It was so much fun and I want to do more.


INVISISBLE LIGHT 天間墨色 from lifu on Vimeo.

password: rthk

shadow shoot swollow


Making Of:


Image0059 Image0060 Image0065 Image0069 Image0072 Image0073 Image0106


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