Wetland Park Animation 2018

Wetland Park Animation 2018

‘Wetlands in my heart’    Story, Direct and art design by Lilian Fu

– A 10 min animation commissioned by Hong Kong Wetland Park

The animation tells us the importance of wetlands to the well-being of mankind through a life history of Mr. Chan


In a peaceful afternoon, old Chan takes a voyage to the past with his memoirs. Flipping the old sketch book he slip into a reminiscence about his up bringing in the wetlands. From his childhood in a remote Chinese rice-farm village, to the adulthood hardship of fighting for survival in a Hong Kong fishing village. The old man’s memories reveal his tight bond with the wetlands throughout his life, encouraging us to think about what the wetlands have given us in everyday life’s necessities.





Festival :Barents Ecology Film Festival 2018 -semi-finalist


Background design and art works


STYLE FRamejpg

style frameoutside house6 panel28 -stream2panel 42-bridgepanel 54_Close up panel 85 panel 87 panel 110A panel 127 panel 128 panel 147 32 panel 148 panel149 Title

Directed& Produced by

Lilian Fu



Story & Design:

Lilian Fu



Voice 配音


Animation directing & Compositing動畫導演及合成

Salvador Maldonado

Editing: 剪接

Johannes Bock

Sound Design & Mixing 音效及混音

Raoul Brand


Alex Harwood


Salvador Maldonado

Ross Plaskow

Animation assistants and Rigging動畫助理及角色骨架設定
Katie Single

Eleonora Saccoman

Xenia Galchin

3D Animation三維動畫

Daniel Shutt

Visual Effects Consultant 視覺特效顧問

Allar Kaasik

Additional Compositing補充合成

James Finlay

Design & coordinate: 圖像及聯絡員

Monica Fu

Subtitle 字幕

Damon Chan

Stephanie Young

Consultant 顧問
Vivian Fu


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